I have found your poetry
by googling witchling battlecat.
Am inspired by your intention
to amble. I want to write for you
the poems that I disavowed last year
for reasons that escape me now…
probably folly disguised as sense.

You can post these if you want.
Consider this a prologue, or
A preview of coming distractions,
as my dance professor would say.
I’ll start with the one poem
that I did manage to write
at the end of Evolution:

One techno dome this hour
Beats the dying pulse of our

City. I cannot forget
How, without your silhouette

Riding that tall purple bike
Into the sunrise, childlike,

Shouting with laughter, breathless
And iron-bright with solace,

The sun has risen upon
Empty playa. You have gone

And I struggle to find words
To move my heart-space upwards


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