I’m struggling with these words today. Stumbling,stuttering, and stopping mid sentence. Apologizing for apologizing and leaving anchors in the sand.
Trying to blow wind into my own sails… And not quite failing…just running out of breath.
I cracked two teeth when I was in Berkeley…one on a coconut the other came out while flossing.
I won’t make a dentist appointment but I spent $100 at the tattoo parlor today and bought some listerine instead. The humor.
I feel like a scholar yet I don’t know what I study. I’ve applied and been accepted in the program.
You go to court soon downstate. How does that work? Do they come pick you up and drive you down? Who pays for that? What is all of this like for you? You must feel a bit stir crazy. You love the sun.
I’m going to cut this short for now.
What did you think of the alien abduction cartoon I sent you? Did they let you see it?
I thought it was hilarious.
We miss you.
More soon,