Occasionally a site like this of writing and poetry can be like going to your favorite thrift store.  Some times you hit the jackpot with out even trying.  Other times you could search for hours for that rare gem that you’ll never forget and tell all your friends about… wearing it every day… just because you can.

After spending 3 months in Cost Rica meditating, doing yoga, riding my bike and having weekly breakdowns in the presence of paradise it became clear to me that there were a number of people I’d let fall out of my life and a road trip of unusual size was going to be the only remedy…. that and poetry.

This is the launch of something more than words and a search for self.  It is indulging in the art and poetry of life itself.  Making time to explore the distance between me and you enjoying getting lost along the way.

Please if any one wishes to post their own poetry send it to me and I will but it up under The Booty heading.



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