January 2015

Your shadow come to meet me.
Chemistry seeking seed
Hold me down in ancient remains
Of fire in my Celtic home.
Bones beneath surface whispering….
Unearthed and gasping for air.
The naïveté that comes with being human
Comes from living inside skin.
Our guides thru the underworld and
Path to “God”.


Kettle groaning in the low light…
The smell of coffee.
Journal, unfinished letters, school books and toast.
Photographs from the kitchen cupboard
The images of who we once were…..
Going away parties…..
New York, Dublin, Lansing, Wilmington, Northern Spain.
Long past love we arrive at more than the
Sum of these stories ……
Lana in my childhood home….
Decades before her death
Never looking in to the camera,
Smiling shyly in her Cure t-shirt.
Christie with her big sunglasses
Hood tied tight round her face
Protecting her porcelin skin from sun and wind….on the ferry
On Lake Huron….
Years before her overdose.
Liz cringing unsure if the smug Mags is hitting on her in the Voodoo Lounge
All of us drunk as this is how we used to say good bye.
Sudden adult death syndrome….in her mother’s home.
After she stayed with me in San Francisco….and made a go of it
In the city of love.
Simon and I with the green of Ireland in the back ground on the verge of falling.
Erin and I … Michael and I….Meggen and I…..always in love.
The kind that never leaves…..requires no words and reminds me
Of who I am.
Simple and honest and striving toward
An uncomplicated route through the inescapable chaos
Of Loving.
Tangled bodies and freshly painted walls.
We become willing to be free.