Any of you who know me,know that I am a streetwalker. In the truest sense of the word.
There is hardly an area of town you haven’t seen me walking in.
What started out as a need to understand the distances between “here” and “there” has turned into a life style.
Lately I have been pressed to capacity of my tolerance for being propositioned,sexualized,honked at and scared.
This comes at a time when the news is flooded with stories of violence against women. I click on another article of young women being gang raped and hung then walk out on to the street, the urban road warrior, scared and enraged…. And honestly so perplexed.
There is not a city that I have lived in that I haven’t been propositioned and what was tolerable is no longer so. My rage pushed me to a point of hollering at those who proposition me and jumping to attention when someone so much as sets their car alarm and the little honk penetrates my bones.
I do not want to take away from the business or cause trouble for the women who do make money from walking the streets and I can no longer tolerate what courses thru my body as fear,anger,resentment, and deep and profound sadness for my sisters on the other side if the globe.
I begin to feel like I walk the streets because they can’t.
I can’t expect the world to change for me but I can realize that I’m not in this alone.
Strange as it may sound. The next time you see me on the street as I am sure you will.
Please wave,gently honk,blow me a kiss,get out and give me a hug. I do not know how to stop the violence but I do know how to celebrate life and a heart felt smile and nod of the head goes a long long way.
From today that is all I am going to see. When the person in their car repeatedly honks to get my attention, or pulls over and points at their crotch,or thinks its funny to drive up behind me and honk and scream…I will be looking for you and you nods of knowing and yearning for all beings the world around to live in safety free to celebrate life.
The next article I read about abuse and violence I will know that you are with me in finding a way to end the suffering of all beings and to heal these tears in the fabric of humankind.
With Love and Solidarity
Your local Urban Road Warrior
And Streetwalker