Brother Tom,
I should have an address soon. So you will be able to write back. I’d love to hear how your doing.
I’m in Santa Fe again. Working at the co-op cashiering. They seem to always take me back.
Something in me expects people to be done with me and they seldom ever are. I have such a sense of belonging here. Who’d have thunk.
It’s 5am and I’m drinking coffee and house/dog sitting for a couple I know from the co-op….a little younger than me with a cute son. You’d really like them. Really upbeat,creative,sound people. Their house is amazing. They have a pool table and a fish tank…..they have a machine that carbonates water so I get to drink fizzy water all day and they have super tasty coffee.
Their dog is delightful. Right now I wish you were here. You’d love the dog and your dog walking skills would be much appreciated. We could drink coffee and play pool…listen to music with the doors open and laugh. Maybe not at 5am.
I don’t remember what I told you last…or where I was. I heard dad went to see you yesterday and that the phones weren’t working so you couldn’t visit. It’s gotta be better to be in Cheboygan. Boring maybe but at least people can come visit.
I’ve been walking about 8miles average a day….between looking at places to live and other potential jobs..and eating like crazy.
I seem to be doing pretty good. Allergic to animals I think so scratchy itchy but other than that I feel great. I’ll have ten years sober in like 2 weeks,feels good. I feel myself worrying less and less about life and others and trusting more and more. I meditate alot. That seems to be the recipe for my sanity….meditation and walking….and connecting with other people.
Aunt Sue says she’s sending you books…I wonder what your reading.
I rotate between books on the tarot,astrology,anatomy, and getting lost on the Internet.
Most of the time I sit at the kitchen table which is quite like a picnic table with park bench seats. Looking out the window I can see the sky almost down to the horizon…electric wires and roof tops,loading docks and those lights that come on behind businesses when they detect motion.
People smoking in uniforms….the tops of trees reaching like lungs to the sky,rubber garbage cans and shopping carts rattling toward dumpsters.
In here the fish tank sounds like a water fall or memories falling inside rain sticks.
I rattle down with them staring off into the direction of the Sun.
As usual I have more to say…..but the words escape me……
I love you Tom.
Don’t know when I’ll make it back home….if I get there this summer I will definitely come see you.
If you’re out let’s walk Jackson and Bella to the beach sit and watch Lake Huron. Maybe Katie can come and Makenna too. I’ll treat us to ice cream. We can sit in front of the Big Dipper and watch the fudgies walk by.
I miss you Tom. Like I said I should have an address soon. I’d love to hear from you.