March 2012

There never was a me

Regardless of tears


Against the kitchen wall

Body collapsed on the wood floor

I was not here when the language began

No image of me will remain when it ends.

I speak of the beginnings of Love

Foolishly forgetting

The only thing that never leaves

I reach past wanting and remember

And what begins is receive.


Maybe the vibrating

I can get used to.

This open space waiting to be filled

I have met my appetite


These children of Pan

Wild…. and living


This dynamic space between

Appetite and dancing.


I used to walk around

Organs rattling inside this cage

Today my ribs balanced freely on the feet of

A Giant…….


Wanting More…..

I leave

wanting more.

When words fail

return to feeling

this world

fades into itself

You hold me down

where nothing old remains

the smoldering heart abandoned

to a twist in spine

arched  and holding on

to a body not my own.

The mystery…..

it’s alchemy……….

no void or absence revealing

what flesh and study




offering my hands

a holding on to.