January 2012

There was a time

When I needed others to complete me…

A time when I needed to be complete

With out others.

Today I spend time with those

Who remind me

That “complete” is

Something I already am.


The first time I read Shakespeare

looking at the page I understood everything

it was when I tried to ingest each word that there

was a loss of meaning.

There are thousands of cities to be lonely in

only one state in which to be found.

For me, nothing is a valid place to begin.

Your past arranged in this moment

as if it never did exist.

In a glance

I want you to see

what I see

when I cry at the arrangement of words on paper

knowing, before each word has been identified and referenced for meaning…



a valid place

to begin.

In this longing and search for love

you don’t have to think I am brilliant

just know that I am real.

You don’t need to know my intricacies or details

of what was mine to begin with and what has been handed down

and borrowed.

Lets not concern ourselves

with who you or I will be


There are stories in these others

many cities to live in.

I don’t care about finding anymore

and nothing is a valid place

to begin.