October 2011

Dublin seems closer then ever
Nothing to come apart
at the seems
still moved
To dance within the spaces
of chaos
Made visible
Not thru distance
Or proximity
More through origin
of blood
In this season
of Forgive.


The smell of days linger
Cornbread ….chili
Fried eggs and buckwheat pancakes
The stale smoke of cigarettes
Wood burning stoves and refried beans.

We think love comes rushing in
Bugles and horns marching.
When Love
is the only thing
that never leaves.

When life gets complicated,

as in the act of breathing it does.

I try to “tie” my life together

Tie these worlds, words and worries

in to a comprehensive now

determined to nail something down

so I can feel free again…

I try to laugh at my planning, stretching,

and fitting in…. my trying.

In comes the rounds of hot soup

and dandelion tea.

Meditation and slow walking.

Talking and listening and

nothing to begin.