August 2011

4:34 am and I sing in the kitchen

to the moth that appeared last night.

Quietly my soul reaches from


Thru heart and calloused bone

to remind me of you.

You forever the moth

that appears as a message

from with in and beyond.

Some memory of why we came here

and that Love can play victim no more

to circumstance.

There is nothing left to cover it up.

And that rush toward rib cage

slowly builds…. as if there has been a rupture

inside and blood is mingling with knowing.

And I am filled.

For You.


Pictures of John and Yoko in bed

Angel tells me about Love

I rustle thru pages on the meaning

of home

Longing in this heart of many

Stillness gives way to infidelity

betrayal of senses

and return of blood

to a forgotten land.